Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Incredible Paper Art

You see simple-looking paper art, and you think, "I'd like to try that." =)

But then you see that the artist that made the bird made an image that you cannot accomplish in pencil or paint. 0_0
Yesss, each one of those lines is a strip of paper! 

The amount of detail and its rendering in these following pieces are mind-blowing as well:

Still paper...
Lay-erss of paper.

Do not be discouraged to try a new art medium though. Let works like these inspire you. The artists invested their time and effort to their work so at least dedicate yourself to the interest you first had. Let the works of others still be enjoyable to you. =)

For more paper work, check out this article, which leads you to the artists' websites when you click an image.

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