Saturday, May 16, 2015

Post Avengers AOU Speculations

Avengers: Age of Ultron did not beat my favorite 3 Marvel Cinema Universe movies (Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Guardians of the Galaxy). But the movie did leave me with more questions. Most of them center around the future for specific characters.

There will be spoilers discussed from Marvel movies and comics. To push the bigger spoilers further down, I will name my 3 favorite characters from Avengers: Age of Ultron:

  1. Vision. He was perfect!! His look, the way he carried himself, his voice, and his manner. I don't just mean as an adaptation from the comics. He was very captivating.
  2. Hawkeye. We got to see more of the character, and he's pretty funny. I like that he prepared himself for any future brainwashing. He interacted with the other characters well too. I like that Hawkeye and Black Widow stick together in the field instead of partnering up with a superhuman for protection. 
  3. Ultron. I like that he sometimes echoed Tony Stark and they had a kind of father and son relationship. My favorite parts are when he seemed more human. Like when he pleaded with Wanda to not fight against him. That moment touched me. He did not lash out in anger for her betrayal. He seemed to still have a bond with her. Not a romantic one, but a comrade one.

And now, here are my questions and speculations for what may happen in the Marvel Cinema Universe: 


Ultron was the process of uploading himself into the artificially made body. The Avengers interrupt him from reaching 100%, but some of his consciousness still uploaded into the body, right? Scarlet saw Ultron's plan thought the artificial mind, and Vision knew how to limit Ultron.

In the comics, Ultron is destroyed but always comes back in an improved body. One time, Ultron overrides or hacks Vision's body and forces him to build Ultron a new body. So even though the last Ultron robot was destroyed, Ultron could come back through Vision. Where is there room for this comeback in the Marvel Cinema Universe? Maybe Vision will have an inner conflict during a bigger storyline.

Maybe that subtle bond between Ultron and Wanda I mentioned before is the base point for Vision and Wanda? Or maybe she will be spooked to find Ultron's influence in Vision.


When will he return? Will he have returned from Planet Hulk (a harsh comic storyline)? Will Hulk and Black Widow get another chance, or will she met someone else during his absence? I would like to see more of this relationship because it barely began and does not exist in the comics.

Wanda (Scarlet Witch)

When the credits appeared, it hit me that Pietro did die. I was surprised because I was expecting him to connect with the Inhumans in the future. I still have hopes that he will return somehow or at least be a big influence on his sister, Wanda. In the comics, Wanda can manipulate probability. Eventually, she can even alter reality. Will she be tempted to use her powers to bring back her brother like Full-metal Alchemist? Or will a villain like Thanos promise to bring back her brother in order to recruit her? The second question is not based on a comic event. I thought it because it could fit with Thanos' quest for the Infinity Gauntlet.

Who were your favorite characters, or whose future are you most interested in seeing?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Shirt Tribute to Ray Bradbury

Hello. I've submitted a shirt design to Threadless for the second time. It's a tribute to one of my favorite writers, Ray Bradbury. :) Because he was a cat lover, I have represented some of his stories through cats. You can vote for my submission until April 24.

My shirt submission

The stories behind the cats

Astronaut cat: I had to include a space element. I first thought of The Martian Chronicles, but for the cat's actual colors I was inspired by another one of Bradbury's Martian tales, "Dark They Were and Golden Eyed."

Cat behind wall: In The Martian Chronicles, Bradbury uses Edgar Allen Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado" for revenge on censorship.

Fireman cat: In Fahrenheit 451, houses become fireproof in a dystopic world. With all books banned, firemen have a new purpose by burning hidden books and capturing the person who kept them.

Safari cat: In "Sounds of Thunder," a man travels back in time to shoot a dinosaur at its designated time of death. After he accidentally steps on a butterfly in the past, he returns to his time frame, finding it different than it had been.

Throughout middle school and high school, I was attracted to the haunted society speculations and psychological thriller in these sci-fi tales, leading up to my love of dystopias. I highly recommend these stories along with Bradbury's short story "Skeleton."

And don't forget to vote for my shirt submission. :)

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Did you know that the giant snowman that Elsa made is called Marshmallow? I really like the character because of his credits scene (shown below), but I didn't know his name until my recent trip to Disneyland California.

After drawing Marshmallow in the Animation Studio, my sister and I had our picture taken with him.

My sister is the big fan of Frozen. I've made a shirt design of the two Disney princesses in her honor.We each modeled for the hands. :) It's available at Neatoshop and Society 6.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Katniss Art Nouveau

I haven't seen Mockingjay yet, but here's a beautiful Art Nouveau styled piece by Megan Lara:

Available at Society 6

Most of the story elements shown are also Katniss' identity. The fiery dress from the 1st Hunger Games movie falls down, and Katniss is in her real image (from the 2nd movie Catching Fire).

I'm assuming the flower is the one her father named her after. More obvious elements are the silver parachute and the split mockingjay pin. The symbol of her home, Distract 12, is tucked in the upper right corner. In the background, the hexagons represent the force fields from the games. Maybe because Katniss pops out of the shapes, we're suppose to see her as free from the boundaries. Of course, not after hard efforts. 

Katniss, both the girl and flower, even overlap the French titles for "The Girl on Fire," "District Twelve Tribute," and "The Victory Tour." I think the message is that Katniss' real identity is beyond the games.

Thanks, Megan Lara for this beautiful piece and all the thought you put into it! :)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ukulele Cat shirt

Hey cat and music lovers! I have a new shirt design for you!
"Ukulele Cat" is available without text too.

From November 2-4, "Ukulele Cat" is on sale at TeePublic for $14. Afterwards, the price rises to $20-22. There's more shirt color choices than navy and black.

Here's a closer look at the musical notes:

I left in sketch lines in the design.

Spread the word and enjoy, cool cats. :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Annie's Toys

My shirt design "Annie's Toys" is on sale for $14 at TeePublic until tomorrow evening.
"Annie's Toys"

I mashed up Community and Toy Story by dressing Troy as Kickpuncher and Abed in his Western paintball outfit.There's some Easter Eggs for fans like the altered Pixar ball in the background. :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

15% Off Neatoshop Shirts!

Neatoshop has a 15% off sale on shirts. Click Here to view my shop. :)

Sample of my pop culture work

"Night's Kiss" is my most popular design. It's also my first shirt design!
"Night's Kiss" features Batman and Catwoman
in the style of Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss."