Thursday, January 16, 2014

Frozen But Still Moving

Here is one of my favorite aspects of the new Disney movie Frozen:

Elsa's statement on marriage is a step forward from most Disney princesses.

I was also pleased with the act of true love. :) I could not blink back the tears like I did at the beginning. The act of true love reminded me of another cursed princess movie with a non-traditional resolution. I recommend the movie Penelope with Chritina Ricci and James McAvoy. <3

I love conflicts of emotion and powers. In the case of Elsa, I was both surprised and pleased by her knowledge of her powers.

Before Frozen came out, I feared that Olaf the snowman would have long tangent annoying moments that dominate the scene. Having seen it now, I don't think Olaf strayed or dominated the scene. He added to it. :) Props to the voice actor Josh Gad too.

Problems I Had

What did bother me about Frozen seem to be ways that the movie did not step forward.

Elsa on r and Anna on left.
Elsa wore too much makeup. I don't know if it was to differentiate Elsa from Tangled's Rapunzel or for more color because Elsa's face and hair is pale. If the first possibility is the reason, then maybe that is why Anna has a lot of freckles. Anna's freckles make her more adorable and are natural, but Elsa's makeup does not add to her character. You could argue that she is closer in age to becoming a woman, but both girls grow in the film.

I am fine with their faces looking similar to Rapunzel's face because they are princesses created in the same decade. I don't like that Elsa probably has more makeup than any other Disney princess.

I also questioned why both sisters were isolated. The best answer I could think of is for plot twists to occur. I thought the line "First time in forever" sounded like Rapunzel's first time outside the tower.

I liked Frozen and would watch it again because of warm adorable Anna, but I feel that more time should have been spent on the movie. Adding to the sisters' shared isolation, I also could not get over how both girls wore a similar colored outfit with a magenta cloak. My sister noticed that their mother wore a magenta cloak too so maybe royal women wear magenta cloaks in Frozen.

What are your thoughts on Frozen? :)