Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Hunger Games Cast Photos

I found cast pictures for the Hunger Games tributes (the game candidates). Here's a sunny, full-body shot. Note: Not all boys and girls are matched up by districts.
Click here for Vanity Fair's article with bios and character role tags to the cast photo. 
I thought the 1st girl was Foxface, but that actress will carry Clove's attitude. Gale looks too old. I do like the casting for Katniss, Peeta, Glimmer, and Cato. Rue was my favorite tribute so seeing her different than I imagined left me just accepting it, but the girl carries the right personality too. =) This shot though is of the actors not them as the characters so we can't judge too much by appearance. Their acting is what matters anyways!

I like these character movie posters, especially Haymitch and Effie:

By the way, I can't wait to read Catching Fire after the movie so I ordered it and will read it soon. I got the hardcover for $10 on Amazon! The next post will cover the other books I bought.

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