Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2nd The Hunger Games Trailer

I started reading Catching Fire, the second book of HG trilogy, today. After reading two books in one weekend, I find myself not rationing the chapters like I did for the first book. I am 37 pages into the second book, and I am happy to see the characters in District 12 again. Thank you author Suzanne Collins for telling us more about Haymitch and returning to the relationship of Katniss and her mother.

The day I returned back to the world of The Hunger Games is when I saw the second trailer!

Gale still looks too big for his age. Now Katniss' face sticks out to me probably because I am imagining her in my mind as I read again. Otherwise the world, clothes, and other characters look fine to me. The wardrobe and fashion trends seem toned down, but I am okay with that as long as they capture "the girl on fire." ;)

Ending the trailer with the start of the game got me excited. I must ration Catching Fire to ease my anticipation for the movie. However, I won't ration only one chapter at a time.

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