Monday, December 5, 2011

Geeky in the Shower

I found an item that I must share with you gamers. ;)
That's made of SOAP!

Under the section "Geekry" on, I found a shop called Digital Soaps, which sells game cartridges and controllers in the form of soap.

Yes, soap.

There are items from the games as well including the Portal cube:

Have some laughs and nostalgic moments at the games selected for the shower. One funny line in the descriptions is "Lather up, level up."

However, I must inform you that the scents are sodas such as Mountain Dew. That factor will stop some of you from actually washing with the soap. If you are just collecting the soaps, then I suggest a case for them to at least to block the fragrance from ants. A case will keep the soap in good condition anyway.

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