Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Heads up for Sucker Punch

Before I saw the movie, a friend's Facebook status read, "Sailor Moon + Inception = Sucker Punch."  I laughed but I thought Inception was associated only for having a made-up reality.  I understood better though after seeing the movie.

Here's the second trailer: 

The fighting can be seen as the made-up reality, but there's actually 3 levels to Sucker Punch (thanks buddy for the discussion).  I think the viewer needs to realize this fact early so I'll briefly state them so that the story sequence can be understood better.

1ST LEVEL (reality):
As the trailer states, the girl, "Baby Doll," loses her family and she is committed to an institute.

2ND LEVEL (This level can be confused as reality):
In the trailer and movie, you realize that the girls that were once dressed as patients later have prepped hair, make-up, corsets, and nylon like show girls.  This is the world that Baby Doll has created to push away the pain and focus on her situation. 

Baby doll's will to survive is shown through various fight fantasies.

Levels 1 and 2 have to be recognized as different or else the changed setting and situation only makes sense if the institute was just a front until they change back.

I want to see it again to see if certain characters exist on the first level. Any thoughts to the psychology aspect of Sucker Punch?

On a separate note, I like the movie posters and Alex Pardee's character art like the one below. =)  His other art is more dark though.


  1. I did not like Sucker Punch. I caught that there were 3 levels of "reality" but I thought they were poorly distinguished (the transitions between them were terrible, aside from the dancing/fighting bit). I also thought that the plot was shallow at best, and that last bit of dialogue about whose story it is was total (pardon me) bullshit. Like they were trying to give it some kind of moral-of-the-story ending that just completely fell apart.

  2. The first transition confused me. I did think the institute was a front, but other facts were changed too.

    I too did not like that they flatly stated the hero of the story, but we got enough to care for her. Now that I think about it... maybe she's the one who created the world at the second level. Like the one dreaming in Inception. Hmm. (If you think about the scene before and after the first transition.)

    Sucker Punch was fun to watch with my friends though and it's structure is intriguing enough to discuss and watch the movie a second time.

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