Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More Hunger Games Humor

Surprisingly no one has used the Gaston book meme for The Hunger Games yet. I made one: 

For some reason I like photoshopping Beauty & the Beast more than any other Disney princess or movie. 

Here are some funny images I found in time for the 2nd Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire! After the Pocahontas one, they have some Catching Fire spoilers, especially the last one. A few of them I saw last time, but waited for the second movie. Enjoy. :D

Hope you get the song reference. XD
I laughed harder than I thought I would.

Hipster Peeta
It's awesome that Effie has a meme.

Reference to Catching Fire

New character in Catching Fire.
It might be funny only if you read the book.
BIG spoiler

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