Monday, September 29, 2014

Chris Pratt in SNL

I loved the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. My favorite 2 songs are from when Star-Lord dances: "Come and Get Your Love" in the abandoned temple and "O-o-oh Child" in the dance-off.

Based on his performance in The Five-Year Engagement, I thought Chris Pratt would do well as Star-Lord. :) Pratt was recently on SNL, and they make fun of his and Marvel's success. Here's the skit:


Mighty and Wicked Puff

A mashup combines two existing things. PowerPuff Girls mashups for shirts are one of my favorite kind. I have drawn two PPG mashups myself. Note: I will mention a spoiler for Angela in Marvel.

For "Asgard Puff" I mashed the PowerPuff Girls with the women in Mighty Thor's world.
My design "Asgard Puff"
at Society6 and Neatoshop.

I've been reading more comics lately including the 2008 and 2013 comic series for Guardians of the Galaxy (I loved the movie!). In the 2013 series, Angela (aka Aldrif) makes her debut to the Marvel world. Neil Gaiman had created her for Spawn comics.

Angela's red hair and yellow armor kept reminding me of Princess Morbucks in PowerPuff Girls. And because Angela has recently been revealed as a part of Thor's realm, I decided to draw "Asgard Puff." :)
Princess Morbucks

If you're wondering who the PowerPuff Girls are dressed as, here they are from left to right: Buttercup as Hela, Blossom as Lady Sif, and giggling Bubbles as Brunnhilde. I will have Valkyrie Bubbles alone on phone cases at Society6. :)

Simplifying details was tricky, but "Asgard Puff" was a fun challenge.

My other PPG mashup is "Wicked Sisters" with the girls as the Sanderson sisters in Hocus Pocus.
My design "Wicked Sister"
available at RedBubble and Neatoshop.

At the bottom of "Wicked Sisters" is Alex from the Gangreen Gang as Billy the zombie. He's giving a thumbs-down to the witches.

Winnie's red hair and outfit were the hardest parts. I created this one for Halloween.

If you love Bubbles as the singing witch, Sarah Sanderson, then you can get her separately as a RedBubble sticker. I guess Bubbles is my favorite to draw. She actually reminds me of Jigglypuff here.
"Bubbly Witch" sticker
I learned a lot about the PowerPuff Girls'  character design, which helped me with my own character designs. I tried to use basic shapes as the basis for my Shirt.Woot derby entry, "See No Evil." It didn't win, but I can submit it somewhere else in 2 months. My mom loves how I drew the Cowardly Lion. :)
"See No Evil"
not available at this time.