Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Reading Stats

Here's a flyer based on 2011 reading stats:

Currently when I am waiting, I read The Riders for pleasure and a taste of elegant writing. I am also slowly reading through an old art history book on the Baroque era for personal art research. Yesterday I started reading a software book to expand my computer skills.

You don't need a purpose to read though. Reading can be just to fill time. I read some of the software book during a meal and while waiting for the computer to load. You can read for a purpose, pleasure, or a sense of accomplishment.

BuzzFeed collected 12 scientific benefits to reading: 

  1. Reading can help prevent Alzheimer's
  2. Reading is a source of new information. Learning and retaining information will help your mind remember as you age.
  3. Reading leads to a more involved and cultured life.
  4. Reading is a stress-reliever. 6 minutes of reading can reduce your stress by 68%.
  5. Reading can give you insight on your own experiences.
  6. Reading enhances your memory by exercising it.
  7. Women are attracted to intelligence.
  8. Reading helps you recognize patterns and improve your analytic thinking.
  9. Reading adds to your vocabulary, which makes you look good for interviews and promotions.
  10. Reading can improve and influence your own writing.
  11. Reading can help you connect with other people and cultures.
  12. People who read are more likely to succeed in their careers and in life.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Because They Struggle

I have been posting more on my art Facebook page than on this blog. Lately my thoughts have showed up in my art. One recurring thought is the 80s X-men cartoon show.

I even dressed as Jubilee this month. I'll post a picture when I get one from a friend.

X-men love triangle
One reason I remember the show is because of the drama like the love triangle with Wolverine, Jean Grey, and Cyclops. Whenever Wolverine was enraged from it, I thought "Ah! He loves her! But he might kill Cyclops!" Wolverine and Jean Grey were then my favorite two from the show. However, the love drama was not the only reason for liking those two characters the most. I felt they struggled most.

When I think of Jean Grey, I remember her as vulnerable. She often reached her limit quickly. Thankfully she could make a force field for protection or keep the threat away long enough. For the love triangle, Jean's vulnerability increases her appeal. Is the reliable boy scout or the unstable tough guy a better match for her?

Then we find out she has untapped massive power, but it is still out of her control.

Jean Grey's alter ego Phoenix
This stronger and more passionate side of Jean is a better match for Wolverine, but maybe he'll lead her further down towards destruction.

Wolverine's ability is instant healing, however, limited to only physical wounds. This scar-less warrior carries emotional trauma that his mind and soul cannot handle.

Jean and Wolverine's struggle with their ability and emotions keep these evolved forms human. Both need to stay human to be good forces. Sabretooth is a foil to Wolverine by being a more primitive mutant who threatens mankind.
Sabretooth vs. Wolverine
While I thought over Wolverine's healing limitations, I came up with this design:
"Wolverine at the Bar"