Friday, October 21, 2011

The First Shirt Artist I Follow

I am now following artist Megan Lara because of her Art Nouveau shirts.

The Labryrinth shirt mentioned in my last blog lead me to TeeFury. Then an email showcased pop culture characters like Harry Potter. I had liked the outline used, but the sneak peek at Megan Lara's other works drew me in because they had more Art Nouveau aspects. Here's a poster of 3 Nintendo heroines:

Art Nouveau is one my favorite art styles and Lara's use of it is breath-taking. I just started adding more layers of color and sections when influenced by Art Nouveau. Lara also has the intricate designs, double outlines, and a foreground that pops out!

Recently, I decided to check out other era styles like Baroque or Rococo. But after seeing Lara's work, I want to still be influenced by Art Nouveau at this time. With all those features, Lara's composition still holds together. Maybe the glue is in color theory.

Thank you, TeeFury for showcasing her work. And thank you, Megan Lara for listing your Facebook and website. :) I am geeking out.

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