Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Monster Love

I was thinking the other day how picky I am for designs of Frankenstein's monster. Then TeeVillian released some that pleased me. :)

"The Bride Dollmaking"
One of my new favorite artists, Medusa the Dollmaker, created a cute and elegant design for The Bride of Frankenstein.

I'm not sure who the green buck-tooth monster is, but did you see Frankenstein's monster? He looks like he's hugging his bride. :)

The design is available as a tee and tank top until July 5 for $11.

Another design I enjoy on TeeVillian is the mashup with Calvin and Hobbes below by Mephias.

"My Fiendish Friend"
It captures the monster's innocence even though the scene becomes tragic.

The design is available until July 5th as a tee, v-neck, and tank top.

Mephias' design encourages me even more to connect Frankenstein and the image below of Groot. Did anyone else think the same when watching the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer? Groot is innocent too.

Groot hands a flower to a girl.

And I'll end on an image by Teo Zirinis of two figures settling their differences.

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