Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Watch Captain America 2!

If you have not already, then I recommend watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier!  Here's a photo I made promoting the movie to my friends. :)

Fun facts about the image:
  1. I took it over 2 weeks ago and Rotten Tomatoes still has the movie at 89% fresh rating.
  2. I posed twice as Black Widow and the Winter Soldier. :) It was a fun double take experiment I've wanted to try. Photoshopping the 2 images was easier than I expected! 
Captain America: The Winter Soldier is my second favorite Marvel movie. The first is The Avengers because of the different interactions between the heroes.

I also prefer Thor's character in The Avengers than the two Thor movies.  He may have been my favorite in that movie. But who is my favorite Avenger based on all the Marvel movies so far? Hmm. It is still Iron Man.

From Madam Tussad's wax museum 2 years ago

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