Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wax Figures and Non-existent Cupcakes

Wax figure of Steven Spielberg on the left.
Last Sunday I had a girls' trip in Hollywood mainly for the Madam Tussad's wax museum. As a Legoland employee, I got free admission for my group. =) We had a blast and I recommend the museum because some wax celebrities have scenery and props.

My friends and I had a list of events including the Johnny Cupcakes shop in L.A. Because Johnny sometimes has events that require you to wear one of his shirts, I wore the one I got at his college lecture.

Once again, Johnny Cupcakes is a shop that looks and even smells like a bakery, but the product is actually tee shirts. The only time cupcakes have actually been in the shop was on April Fool's Day. The shop is another illusion in Hollywood.

Johnny's customers buy limited shirts even when they don't have the money, but he does more than sell a product. Customers get to spend time with Johnny outside of his shop.

Every month, Johnny rents the Coolidge Theatre in Massachusetts to play one of his childhood movies such as The Goonies and Gremlins. He charges $7 or nothing for admission. For The Karate Kid, he gave out free karate headbands with cupcakes on them so that the theater was full of them. The Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles showing had free pizza. Sometimes Johnny dresses as a character, and he usually holds movie themed contests with themed prizes.

Johnny has held events at other shops too. He once tweeted that he would buy ice cream for anyone who showed up at the given time range at a certain ice cream shop. He did not sell anything. His existing loyal customers were appreciated.

A third type of event Johnny holds is charities. Customers have stayed up late hours with Johnny to help repair a kids' camp so it would open again after a year of closed doors. After repairs, they crashed at the camp for the night.

Although my friends and I did not make it to Johnny Cupcakes, I am glad I did wear one of his shirts. This week Johnny announced on a contest on Facebook:
"Post a photo of yourself recreating your favorite movie moment while wearing a Johnny Cupcakes shirt. Contestants will be entered into drawing to win a $100.00 Johnny Cupcakes gift card."
Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho
This opportunity increased my laughs over the Psycho photo-op at Madam Tussad's. I photoshopped the photo and was the first to submit an entry. =) Once again, I am glad I wore a Johnny Cupcakes shirt that day.

The contest winner will be announced on Monday, April 23 at noon (EST).

I will leave you with videos over the opening of the L.A.s shop in 2008. Johnny opened a shop in Los Angeles because 30% of his orders come from the west coast. Over 400 loyal customers stood in line for the opening.
The customers did not feel like they were making a purchase. I still hope to visit his L.A. shop for the experience. Johnny hired the same people that decorate the Disneyland characters' homes.

London has a Johnny Cupcake shop too now.

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