Monday, December 27, 2010


I joined Blogger almost a year ago because of a class, but I have barely now started my own blog.  I knew beforehand that I wanted to cover stories but waited until I learned more.  Because of the class Visual Cultures, I became more curious about the role of readers.  In that class, we discussed how reading is actually interpreting what you see.  So even purchasing a pen at the store can involve a reader if you chose that pen for reasons other than the price. For example, you could have seen the quality of elegance in the pen because of its shape.

Although I state "story and audience," I am not going to discuss just conventional forms of story.  Sometimes story may not be discussed at all like with my pen example.  In addition, because story and reading involves the mind, I may discuss an image created in our minds in response to another form of art or as a reaction to something we do see.  For example, when I attend a friend's recital, I enjoy the songs that create an image in my head.  For a clarinet recital, I imagined birds leaping from one branch to another to warn other animals.  For a trumpet recital, the image was of a man on a steep hill or mountain, blowing the trumpet.  As the song progressed, the imagined man climbed higher and higher with rebellious determination.  These images portrayed the mood I read in the songs.

So I have decided to start a blog as I learn about story, audience, and visual cultures because this way I am engaging with readers.

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