Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2 Hunger Game Shirts And More

Have you seen The Hunger Games movie? I may do so this weekend. I'll wear my mockingjay pin from SD Comic Con. =)

Meanwhile, I saw these two The Hunger Games shirts among others. Click on shirt titles for links:

"Hunger-lympics" for $25.56 at  redbubble
I think "Hunger-lympics" is my favorite shirt for the book. Some of the actor/character shirts at Hot Topic are cool (I'd get Haymitch or Rue), but I like more than a face. This shirt shows some of the plot without spoiling the story. The Wasp Relay makes me laugh. I am excited to see that part in the movie.

I also like that the artist, WinterArtwork, came up with his own rendition of the mockingjay.

If I hadn't already bought a shirt that week, then I would gotten "Hunger-lympics." My sister bought it though, which is appropriate because she is the bigger The Hunger Games fan. The third book is her favorite.

"Paintballers" for $25.56 at  redbubble
WinterArtwork came up with this Community shirt on the left as well. It parodies the best season finales as the Ghostbusters. The artist wrote, "When there's something strange in your community college...who ya gonna Chang?"

This shirt is on my list to get next. =)

"Hungry Hungry Games" for $15 at shirt.woot!
(free standard shipping)
On  shirt.woot!,  the shirt on the right, "Hungry Hungry Games," has been one of the top 20 tees for a week so far. The Hunger Games is parodied as the children's game Hungry Hungry Hippo. No spoilers in the design. Just a laugh.

 Shirt.woot! is a new shirt site for me. Everyday a new shirt is released like TeeFury, but shirt.woot! keeps the shirt as long it sells.

Here are four more top 20 tees from shirt.woot! with more meaning behind the images:

"Family Portrait"
This shirt is a clever and funny depiction of the sad truth. That is Pluto off to the side.

Today the shirt is #19.

Those cat outlines spell out Curiosity. I thought the shirt was cute until I saw the numbered signs for dead bodies. :o Despite the shirt being morbid, I can't help still appreciating the artist's work like other people. The shirt is #9.

Speaking of 9, did you notice that there are nine cat outlines? That was one very curious cat.

"Wet | | Slippery When"
Here's a shirt for gamers! The odd title actually follows a mathematical formula, which makes the shirt more geeky.

This shirt is currently #6.

The last shirt I'm sharing is at #3. I like that the depicted tales are diverse in genre, audience age, and time of publication.

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