Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It rained yesterday and I saw some pretty umbrellas. One umbrella that caught my eye was for its practicality:
The bubble clear umbrella
I have bumped regular umbrellas into branches. The bubble shape allows you to lower the umbrella for more cover without blocking your vision. Here's another clear umbrella approach for practicality:
I like the handle, but I worry about the strap around her neck.  What if you FELL?

The sight of umbrellas reminded of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, one of my favorite Fantasies, because the hero has an umbrella with a map of London Underground that he used as he walked. So as soon as I got on a computer, I searched to see if these umbrellas existed. They do. =)
London Underground map umbrella

There is also one for the Metro in Paris and a clear umbrella for the subway in New York:
New York subway map umbrella

Then I searched just clear umbrellas and saw some with designs like this one.
Fun in the rain!

My favorite is the one with fish, but three websites list it as unavailable.

Then I saw a blogger's cute umbrella that she decorated herself:
It's raining casts and dogs!
If I get a clear umbrella, I will follow this blogger's instructions. =)

I will end with one more umbrella:
Goggles Umbrella. Hahaha. Look at the top too.

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