Monday, May 30, 2011

Sadly Stories Have Endings

I just finished the second season of the TV show Community. The two part episode was a thrill to watch; I laughed, ooohed, and awwwed. However, the departure of a character made the season finale sad to accept. Thankfully the show's not over yet, but will more characters leave? =( Abed got cooler in season 2. Character growth is an amazing thing to witness.

Community: A Fistful of Paintballs

Another show I'm currently into is Lie To Me. I got into it late, and sadly, the show is canceled.  So I have just one more season to watch. Once I am done with Community and Lie to Me, will I find a show to love as much?

As for comics, I have not read past issue 1 of The Unwritten.  The first issue had so much material, and I enjoyed it on its own. I am afraid to continue though perhaps because of expectations and maybe because then I will finish the series. I really should read issue 2  though. The series is around 27 issues now.

Issue #2

During one summer in high school, I read 3 books (2 of them were The Blue Sword by Robin McKinely and one from the Ender's Game series by Orson Scott Card) that were each around 300 pages. When I got towards the end of each one, I stopped and started the next book. Eventually I had 3 unfinished books so I read the endings to all three.  The stories were then complete but I still had wished that some of the books were 500 pages.

Have you felt the same way about a story? I am sure people do with series (shows and books).  I do not always finish series. What do you do to deal with the need for more? Do you re-watch the series with the knowledge of future events and character development? I will do the same for Community. Also, I hope to catch the show panel at the SD Comic Con. =)

For some shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, I get a full sense of completeness and cannot re-watch the series immediately. Years have to pass so that I remember less.

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